A Happy Old Year

Thinktops.network would like to thank the 98.8k monthly viewers who have graciously visited me on my thinktops.network/Pinterest account and also the 47.8k monthly viewers who visited me at audiofilesoftheblackwest.com /Pinterest. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! And thanks to all of my friends and to-be customers who visited and purchased products from both my websites audiofilesoftheblackwest.com and thinktops.network. Those of you who took the time to give me a look see and draw some opinion of who I am, as reflected in the products I present to you, will start to get a feel for what motivates me and my ideas. When you go to my landing page for thinktops.network you're greeted with the words, "We Are One".I gave my store that name because I want all of you to see and feel the inner connectedness we all share as people and human being. We all want to look good, feel good and spread goodwill around the world; at least that's the plan. American kindness today is being tested, not just within our borders but around the world. Once we had a legacy of being the most generous nation in the world but that title has taken some serious body blows recently. We've got to get our "swag" back, not from any military feats but from a humanitarian perspective. Those Americans who haven't given up on our country are cheering louder than ever to spread goodwill rather than hate and get this country back on center stage where it belongs. We need to get our title back as the most generous and kind nation in the 21st century, and it will happen because of who we are. Our history has shown us we've beaten the odds when it came to anyone who challenged our kindness and our largess for freedom of religion to artistic expression. We Got This! We are one, and one we are. We must believe this and dedicate our being to manifest what is good, beautiful, significant, powerful and gracious about the standards that make us One. Today my friends...make somebody happy, surprise them! To all of you again; Walk in the light and above all things never, ever forget to let your light shine!  Wear who you are and be who you are; be a blessing to the world!

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